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Through our journey to creating this company, we have found a lot of people with killer beards that are still quite hazy on how to use beard care products. While there are a lot of different ways, we're going to tell you what works best for us and how you can care for the best friend on your face.

In the morning, after showering or washing your face, while your beard and skin are clean, and your pores are open, dry your beard the best you can with a towel.

While there still may be a slight dampness, that is fine, as long as your beard is not considerably wet.

We do not recommend blow-drying your beard with any heat as heat is damaging to your hair.  If you do wish to use a blow dryer we recommend using the low heat or cool setting. While it may take longer to dry you will not be damaging that beautiful mane that took so long to grow.

Next, fill your dropper that was included in your beard oil purchase, to your desired amount.

Squeeze that refreshing concoction out onto your free palm and rub together with both hands till slightly warm.

Apply the elixir of love to your beard making sure you evenly distribute throughout.

When trying a new oil or first discovering beard oils and all you have been missing in life, we recommend starting small, if more refreshing goodness is required then reapply as many times as desired.

Bigger beards will need more oil to keep moisturized than smaller beards.



With our Beard Balms the same instruction applies.

We recommend using our balms after a shower or washing your face, while your beard and skin are clean, and the pores open.

Dry beard with a towel or low heat / cool setting if you are using a blow dryer.

Remove a dime to nickel size amount of balm and rub between your hands till balm is workable.

Apply balm to your beard, evenly distributing throughout.

If more balm is required reapply until desired effect is achieved.

Balm is ideal for bigger beards that may need a bit of taming.  But keep in mind both Beard Oils and Balms are conditioning products.


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